Elon Musk is it COVID-19 infection?

Confused! Confused “Elon Musk” is it COVID-19 infection?

Tesla Inc. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk on Saturday revealed that he was highly likely to have a Coronavirus COVID-19 infection. And moderate symptoms But admitted still unable to confirm While he continued to question the accuracy of the test results.

“I received different results from different laboratories. But it’s most likely that I will be infected with COVID-19. With moderate symptoms My symptom is a little cold. Which is not surprising Due to the corona virus It’s a kind of flu, ”Musk wrote on Twitter.

Musk previously revealed he had four tests for COVID-19 on Thursday (Nov. 12), with the first two being positive. But the latter two test results were negative.

In a message on Twitter Musk did not provide information on whether the test was a polymerase chain reaction (PCR technique) or not, while the PCR test was performed. More accurate than an urgent exam

“I have a slight fluctuation of the fever, I feel like a cold. But have body aches and lightheadedness Rather than coughing or sneezing, ”he wrote in response to one Twitter user. The post asked about his symptoms.

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