Mother Zhu Shop Souvenirs, Phuket Town

Mother Zhu Shop Souvenirs, Phuket Town

“Khun Mae Zhu, Phuket” started from one person ..

“… Cooking, we don’t follow them We have to follow our formula … Because the food is delicious It comes from the spirit … And choose the best item To be the same as we cook at home Give your children to eat … ” By Mother Harwich Zhu Santikul, 1939

Powerful words from Mother Zhu The original authentic Phuket fish curry Since about 80 years ago, still resonates in the memory of the children… An orphan girl named “Huang Zhu” lives with her grandfather. Which was Baan Sapam village chief at that time Zhu girls have to help with all the housework. Including sewing work Which is the main family income When he reached the age of occupying the house Then a young man named Sangwien Santikun came to ask for a grandfather to see that he was a diligent father. Therefore arrange a wedding for And then get married …

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