Too bad! Number of COVID infections daily in the US Returning to the level of almost 60 thousand, the highest around 2 months

Too bad! Number of COVID infections daily in the US Returning to the level of almost 60 thousand, the highest around 2 months.

Number of daily new coronavirus infections in the US Reached the highest level around two months on Friday (9 October) with more than 58,000 people, while the number of hospitalized patients. In the Midwest, it hit the record for five consecutive days.

10 of 50 states reported the highest daily new infections since the outbreak on Friday (Oct. 9), including Midwest states of Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri and Ohio, and Wisconsin and Illinois The report found more than 3,000 new infections for the second consecutive day, a high two-day total that was not seen even during the peak of the first outbreak this spring.

Western states like Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming also reported the highest single-day increase in cases since the outbreak. Same as oklahoma And West Virginia

At least 19 states have smashed the daily number of new cases since October.

Among the cases of infectious agents that are rising across the country President Donald Trump, who is soon infected with COVID-19. He addressed supporters from the White House balcony on Saturday (Oct. 10), the first steps in his return to the election campaign.

Trump and his government have faced heavy criticism for dealing with the pandemic. The same is true for the case of not wearing masks and not taking social spacing measures in the White House.

Although the nationwide mortality figure remains in a downtrend, the US has lost an average of 700 people per day and three states that broke the record with the highest daily deaths since the outbreak on Friday (Oct.9). Arkansas, Missouri and Montana, meanwhile, warn that the death toll is a follow-on indicator, which normally skyrocketed several weeks after the soaring peak.

The number of COVID-19 deaths is expected Will be greatly increased this winter.

It is estimated that the daily death rate for the United States will triple in mid-January to 2,250 people per day, and the cumulative death figure should reach 395,000 on February 1, 2021, according to the data update. New University of Washington, which references the model broadly.

However, the University of Washington Institute for Health Measurement and Assessment. Reference information from the COVID-19 Task Force. Of the white house Given that if Americans turn to mask more, on a par with Singapore The death toll on February 1 will drop to 316,000, equivalent to 79,000 lives being protected.

Currently, the federal government has no mandatory masking order and there are 17 states that do not compel masked citizens to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

With the increasing number of infected people Found that various hospitals Many states are strained to deal with COVID-19 patients. The influx is uninterrupted.

Seven states reported Friday (Oct.9) the number of COVID-19 cases. Admitted to various hospitals The highest since the outbreak included Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin.

In the midwest Who are admitted to various hospitals Jumped to nearly 9,000, hitting a record high since Monday (Oct 5).

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